Poetic Pilgrimage - No More War mp3 [Nomadic Wax]

Poetic Pilgrimage seem to sail through the beats they roll over. With an incomparable soul, and powerful female presence – these ladies are some of the UK’s top role models for females in the hip hop scene. Having seen them live before, and planning to see them live twice in the next month; I can fully authenticate their passion and unique style of approaching language, life and hip hop.

The name says it all. Poetic indeed. With a purpose, a journey at the forefront of their mind.

This track is incredibly upbeat given the topic. But it remains effective and to the point in a way which so inviting, it’s almost more effective. Originally from Bristol, Sukina and Muneera have been inspired by a number of hip hop heads and revolutionaries including the honourable El Hajj Malik El Shabazz – also known as Malcolm X. They suffered the original struggle of identity and discrimination as Malcolm X himself, as well as the later realisation and life changing conversion to the real Islam.

The fact with soul like this is that purity and purpose not only have a clear place, they are the entity; the everything, for these strong young women. No More War says what is on the minds of children, parents, soldiers and prisoners. No More War says what is on the mind of every objectively moral reasoning human being.

By: Nino


Poetic Pilgrimage

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