Poisonous Dialect - Sadolyricism EP [Sickhouse Musik]

The Poisonous Dialect hail from Memphis, Tennessee and started off playing shows with Memphis HipHop crew True Head Camp, but decided to branch of and start their own label Sickhouse Musik.
Now their crew roll four deep and the members are: Skellyknaggs who has a flair for the macabre and dark lyricism and he is by far one of the grimiest emcees in the city. Taktix who is also a member of another underground Hip Hop crew Conscious Physics and the final MC is RCade who at a mere 16 can still crush any competition. The final member of the crew is DJ Sol Control who after entering numerous competitions across the US is in the running to be crowned the best DJ in the city.

Poisonous Dialect - Sadolyricism EP [Sickhouse Musik]

01. Poisonous Intro ft. Quinn
02. Skit ft. Quinn
03. Southernherd ft. Quinn
04. Nicest Eva – Sol Control
05. Hellraiser Speech
06. Outter Heights ft. Bosco
07. Memphis Dialect
08. Venomous Strings

This EP is eight tracks deep and gets going with the Poisonous Intro. A track which its self starts off with some roughly chopped high pitched sample. This track is real nice. It is a bit down tempo and SK delivers his sickness with his gruff tones. A nice guitar is flexed under the beat for a change and for verse 2 RCade takes over and sounds older than his age suggests. Verse 3 is run by Taktix who has a smoother voice and some sweet lines. The final verse is delivered by Quinn who seems to gets on many of the tracks and seems to be almost an honorary member of the crew.

Southernherd follows and is definitely more upbeat, but has a bit of a chugging feel from what could be a cello or double bass. The MCs beat fitting flows just don’t work for me initially and sound a touch like the Big Brothers. As the track progresses the strange intonation continues and even Quinn can’t turn this around for me.

Nicest Eva is a DJ track in the old skool sense of the word. Sol Control picks a throbbing beat with a over modulated bassline and proceeds to cut up various phrases for a couple of minutes. Whilst some of this sounds great, some of the cuts are a bit sloppy and it is not the best of its genre.

Hellraiser Speech is up next and is back to the grimy gruff sound with a piercing violin sample providing the majority of the production. Skellynaggs’ words are raw terror, and he is the only voice needed for this track. Outter Heights is a piano laden track which starts off with MCs Bosco and Skelly going back and forth in a conversational style as if they are communicating over walkie talkies with an end of conversation sound indicating the changing of the MCs.

The penultimate track Memphis Dialect makes use of a harpsichord and piano for the production, but has a touch of the flows mentioned on Southernherd and for me this is not the best sound these guys can make.

Finally the CD ends with Venomous Strings and some great Spanish guitar. Another hardcore bumper, but it does see Skelly repeating a few lyrics already delivered. Regardless this is a high point to end the CD on. With influences from all over the place these guys have a diverse sound, but overall have a Southern feel with that traditional HipHop "BOOMBAP" sound. Check it out…

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