Pos Bee

Pos Bee was born in 1984 and discovered rap at the age of 13. Undoubtedly he is a wordsmith and willing to pass on his messages through his flow and lyrics. With this interest he starts writing his first raps and producing tracks him self five years later.

He has produced his five track demo and is shopping it about right about now. The demo opens with I’m Unique a downbeat acoustic guitar riff driven track which is right for a sunny easy going day, but lacks a touch of punch. Pos Bee is from France and with his accent and soft delivery you do get the feeling that he is rapping in a language that is not his first tongue.

Pos Bee Pos Bee is now 23 and has developed a distinctive rapping style which is very laid back and is more like talking a narration over the beat, more like Gill Scott rather than an MC who tailors their flows to the beat. Aeyo has more of beat to it, but still needs development with some of the levels in the mix not being quite right and the way the chorus drops doesn’t quite fit into the arrangement. Pos Bee states that so far this has been his hobby, but he wants to make sure that his sound reaches your dome.

No They Said No opens with synths and a deep keyboard bassline. I find it hard work listening to the lyrics as my ear is not used to the accent and a delivery that to me sounds a bit mumbled. Pos Bee is about intelligent thoughts and expressing his inner feelings which is to be commended.

Fight Fight has the most accomplished backing track which has a real head nodding effect and definitely had me nodding along, but again I felt the track was let down by the vocals. The final track on the demo, Lotta Love has a minimalistic backing track with a simple piano being the main element. Partly biographical, Pos Bee explores some of the stress he had to endure at school. Name checking some of his American MC influences he sometimes gets a bit dark with his sentiments which is unexpected on such an inoffensive backing.

No doubt Pos Bee has many ideas that he wants to record, but he is obviously at the beginning of his career and needs to work on his delivery and mixdowns before he tries to break out any further.

Currently Pos Bee is still studying and he is searching for a producer, publishing house or record label in order to release an album. He is also interested in doing concerts anywhere (alone or featured) so stop dithering to contact him: posbee@hotmail.com or posbee.dmusic.com to listen to his material.

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