Queens English - Mind The Rap EP [Tealeaf / Cowboy Tactics]

Matt Sarson aka Mr Chips, and Leon Smith aka Rhymes, met in Yorkshire whilst at college and from there went on to form the Queens English group. Soon they got other members to join up with them including MC / vocalists SherlQck and Source as well as producer Aries and DJ Mr Something Else.

They have now been together for over three years and have de-camped to London where the majority of the music industry is. Now their debut EP entitled Mind The Rap has dropped and we have to tell you a bit about it…

Queens English - Mind The Rap EP [Tealeaf / Cowboy Tactics]
01. Mind the Rap
02. Bagman
03. PMD
04. These Mics
05. Another late Nite


  • Recorded, mixed and Mastered by Skinnista @swift-studio.co.uk
  • Beats by Aries & Lost Boys
  • Cuts by Mr. Somethin Else
  • Artwork by Simeon Merivale www.myspace.com/downtheally

It is a five track offering which gets off the mark with the title track Mind the Rap. A squechy bassed track with a bit of a reggae feel which is produced in-house by Aries. The MCs don’t sound as though they are straining at all and come off well within their limits with some great flows which are tight enough to trouble many more well known mic controllers who pride themselves on their lyrical dexterity.

Bagman follows with some great Sicilian guitars and a swing beat over which the MCs big up their skills to rock a club and generally boost their rep. Next up PMD is a down beat offering with melancholic strings over which the lads rap about weed and the effects it can have on the brain in the first verse and chorus. The second verse touches on some political elements and the song ends with a long outro and another chorus.

The Lost Boys offer up a piano backed heavy Hp Hop beat for These Mics. As the MCs say, since they have taken up the rap game it has taken them over and now the tables have turned and the microphones now control the group. To finish off we have Another Late Nite a track which is announced as ‘another gangster track’ in a toungue in cheek manner. The song looks at the things that both make Hip Hop great, but also looks at some of the things that also make you wonder if Hip Hop is dying at the same time. The MCs also take the time out to name check a couple of the acts that they consider to be progressing the art form.

Overall this is a nice little collection of thoughts and is a great introduction to a group who could be set to become a whole lot more well known. To get a copy of the CD you can obtain it directly from the crew for £5 only so hit them up. The group will be on tour supporting of Kashmere in 2007 as well as performing at gigs in Bristol, Brighton, Manchester, Malmo and Paris that they have already lined up.

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