Ragga Twins - Trippin' And Bunnin' MP3 [Fatback Records]

Fresh from the Skrillex release "Raggabomb" the Twins are back. This latest track Trippin’ And Bunnin’ has the balance of serious vocal delivery and fresh production from The Fat Controllers. The Ragga Twins, Trevor, aka Flinty Badman, and David, aka Deman Rocker are back for sure and with brand new material are set to set ears alight. Combining their vast experience and inspirations which keep them on the cutting edge of music the Ragga Twins continue to represent a classic formula.

Their first offering "Deadly Zone" was “hailing out” the streets of Hackney, where The Ragga Twins reside and is a tribute to this area in London’s East end. The brand new album is cutting edge as would be expected from the pioneers of Jungle / Drum ‘N’ Bass and features artists such as Tippa Irie, Spyda, Lady Chann, RD, Jasmine Knight, Tenorfly, Aynzli Jones, Daddy Freddy and Seanie T.

Trippin’ And Bunnin’ is relatively slow tempo for what I remember of the Ragga Twins, but they could always rock this speed and maybe age is slowing them down a touch as well. This remix by the Fat Controllers is hip hop reggae at its best. A classic beat with awesome string and sitar / synth samples coupled with a hard hitting snare and a rumbling bass form the backing over which the Ragga Twins get busy. This has an uplifting feel, the subject matter you can guess from the title. The track is a bit of a throwback. Dancehall and Jungle both developed / transformed and moved on from this sound, but in all reality this is where it is at and this track demands your attention.

The track was released on all platforms last Sunday 6th July 2014 on new UK label Fatback Records. Make sure you search this out and pay homage to some originators.

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