Ratson And Lloydz - Level Minded EP [Standup Recordz]

This is the collaborative effort between Standup Recordz artist Ratson and Lloydz. This is Ratson’s debut release and is a smashing collaboration. The EP has a conceptual undertone of summer from the outset, and then continues the theme throughout with some real nice sampling which I won’t ruin for you, you just gotta check it out and hear it for yourself.

The idea of a duo / group rap effort sprung from the first collaboration on the track dismissing L.O.V.E with LloydZ on the vocals and Ratson as man behind the amazing sampled-beat (this was as a result of DJ Scuba Steve introducing Ratson and LloydZ).

It was clear that there was chemistry between the two… as Ratsons’s beats brought forth a version of LloydZ that was electrifying and the same in turn for Ratson as they decided to combine to create something new, a different sound and type of hip hop that has no date of expiration.

So go and get a hold of the EP, I guarantee you will enjoy it.

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