Rediculus ft. Prome - Halo mp3 [Island / Def Jam]

Rediculus releases his video directorial debut with a new single from his Masters of Conversation project. The talented producer and now video director from Chicago is releasing the first video he directed from his new project to the thrill of his fans around the world.
Rediculus is ready to release his video directorial debut with the new single Halo (Pain is Love) featuring Prome from his critically acclaimed album, Masters of Conversation: Punchlines and Parables. This project quickly follows up his Walking Down Broken Paths instrumental album and marked the fourth edition of the production series. Rediculus, who resides in Chicago, Illinois, has just put the final touches on the last edits and is preparing to delight his fans with his latest video and single which he hopes will expand his fan base and get his music heard by more people around the globe.

The single, Halo (Pain is Love), features a hard blaring horn sample with a neck snapping snare to drive the track and long time collaborator and fellow Chicagoan Prome on the microphone dropping lyrical napalm on the track.

The album, Masters of Conversation: Punchlines and Parables is sixteen tracks all produced by Rediculus and features some of hip-hop’s hottest MC’s such as Chubb Rock, Ruste Juxx, Craig G, Sha Stimuli, Emilio Rojas, Koncept and The Audible Doctor from Brown Bag All Stars, Big Dutty Deeze, Chaundon, Notoriety, Stumik Icewater, Sadat X, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Red Eye, Pair-a-Dyce and many more.

The album itself is both a return to the “Golden Era” and a glimpse into the future of hip hop. Soulful samples scream and wail throughout the project, backed by growling bass lines and driving drum tracks with custom kicks and snares that showcase the wide variety of influences in Rediculus’s life and music.

Rediculus is quoted as describing the project with the following statement, “This album is going to really make people think about what they listen to and show people that you can reach consumers without watering down our culture. We have a host of people in the culture who are over 30 and want music that they can relate too, something with more substance that addresses the issues in their lives. The current trend of making songs about negative images backed by empty music is coming to an end and this project should definitely help drive the nails into that coffin. People want something smarter and I’m here to give it to them”.

The album, which was released on September 20th, is distributed digitally globally by Island / Def Jam and will include several limited edition runs of physical copies.

Rediculus and Prome have joined forces to create the new group Lost Things and are currently recording their debut EP which is due out this spring.

People are encouraged to follow Rediculus on Twitter, keep in touch with him on Facebook, check out his Bandcamp page and visit his website for more information and to keep up on the latest news with Rediculus and all of Knowledge Giving Birth Productions.

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