Riz MC - All In The Ghetto [Confirm / Ignore]

Following on from his last single – Get On It, Riz MC releases All In The Ghetto on the 7th February which will come as a double a-side with Dark Hearts. As ever Riz is quite happy to do his own thing and no follow other trends. Here he takes a chance to observe Hoxtonite / Shorditch types.

All in the Ghetto is similar to his infamous debut release ‘Post 9/11 Blues’ – it makes fun of something that’s going on everywhere you look, and something we’re all a part of. It’s about gentrification and trendy ghetto living, vegan cafes and crack-heads on the same street corner. The video was animated from stills, produced by DNR Films and screened at ‘Late at Tate’ a few months ago.

Dark Hearts is a futuristic grime banger about the snake pit we all find ourselves in at some point – surrounded by fake smiles that we see through, but we still give back. The video is a homage to Blade Runner, where fittingly Harrison Ford was hunting replicants (fake people) and in the end realised he is one too. Ed Tracy, BAFTA winning director of Fonejacker and Facejacker will direct.

Along with Markus Dryden Riz has produced an excellent animated video for the single – peep it below.

Riz MC - All In The Ghetto [Confirm / Ignore]

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