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Thursday, 12 December 2019
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SamSun - Bollocks To Politics CD [SamSun]
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Thursday, 31 August 2006
SamSun is a rapper who has been doing his thing for about two years now. He writes and produces his own material and has brought the best of his work together to form two four track CDs. The first CD, which we are going to look at, is the Bollocks To Politics. It is entirely self produced including, the beats, the rhymes and the production.

Originally from the Midlands, SamSun now hails out of Hackney and SamSum says that he is influenced by some of the biggest names in the business including C-Rayz Walz, MF Doom, Immortal Technique, Wu Tang, Mobb Deep and Ed OG to name a few.

01. Why? (Thumpa)
02. Civilisation
03. Pain
04. System Babies (Thumpa Remix)
The CD starts off with Why? (Thumpa) a track, which immediately gets to the point of where SamSun is coming from. Grimey social observations describe how many are left destitute, but also he explores the autonomy of humans and how they can choose their own paths and thoughts. He also explores the state of the current media offerings and how they are teaching society the wrong ideals. The production, whilst entirely composed from synths does sound a bit cheesy to me. Sam’s raps are clear and concise, but stick to straightforward patterns.

Sweeping synth chords perpetuate the opening bars of Civilisation for a similar track in which SamSun divulges his rage to the listener about his dislike of Globablsation and connects this with what is going on in the Middle East and questions how this can be rectified.

Pain features a pitch bent synth was over which SamSun opens up his emotions and how he has been through depression due to being judged and misunderstood. This is the tale of how he got to be embittered. This has left him with a burning rage and a desire to put the world to rights with his music.

The CD rounds off with System Babies (Thumpa Remix) which brings the drums more to the front of the mix, but still utilises the synths which just aren’t really working for me. SamSun also utilises a different rapping pattern with elongated ends of each line, but the emotion is a bit lacking and overall this all has a bit of a demoey feel.

SamSun tends to find a lot of modern rap bland and not to his tastes as he gets tired of crews talking about chains and girls. He would rather write about things that are important to him and to some extent he has achieved that with this release. This is the sort of attitude I require from an artist, but I feel SamSun has a way to go in terms of getting his production more on point and developing his rapping skills.

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