SayKriDD Daly - Timless

SayKriDD Daly is a name who has been synonymous with Welsh Hip Hop since the early 2000’s. Having created a plethora of classic albums and working with legends such as the likes of Jungle Brothers, Prince EA and Hard Target just to name a few, its a wonder how SayK hasn’t had the shine he so fully deserves.

Now back with a rocking club banger that, should be swiped up by every single DJ for their weekend sets, SayK brings us “Timeless“, a trap-esq production mixed stunningly with dubstep sounds and screwface enducing punchlines and wordplay that SayKriDD Daly so effortlessly manages to conjure up out of thin air.

Produced by resident Indiana twins Kreativ and Trapford and North Macedonia native, Ostava, “Timeless” is available on all streaming platforms via Canadian record label ‘Trap Party‘.

Words: Bill Shakesbeard

SayKriDD Daly

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