Warfare is the debut single from UK super group Screaming Soul. The group mashes up Dub and Hip Hop with the collaboration of vocalist Ghetto Priest (Asian Dub Foundation / On-U Sound) and MC / Producer Sandman aka Doobie (Underground Alliance / Undali).

This release comes in three flavours. The Original Mix, the Squatters In The Oval Office remix by Mutant Hi-Fi and the Ruckspin and Plannas Dubstep mix. The original mix has an eerie beginning. It’s a slow track with a combination of a big bassline, fast cymbal and electronic sounds. The lyrics are mostly sung by Ghetto Preist with a powerfull verse from Sandman containing intelligent observations on world politics referencing Zimbabwe and NATO indicating that many of the actions taken by the people in charge amount to psychological warfare on the earth’s population.

The Squatters In The Oval Office remix was apparently put together on an analogue four track and has a feeling of a dub track, but the drums are a bit on the light side and I don’t feel this version really gets going especially as the rap doesn’t appear.

Finally Ruckspin and Plannas Dubstep mix, which for me suffers the same problems as the Oval Office mix in that it is a bit lightweight and doesn’t seem to ever take off.

The CD also includes an instrumental and accapella from the original version which is the best version without a doubt.

Release date: 26th May 2008.

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