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Wednesday, 26 February 2020
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Seeker - Keep Your Guard Up / The Way It Went Down CD [Spontaneous]
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Thursday, 29 March 2007
Seeker and Spontaneous label partner Vega come from the UK Garage crew Just Incredible. In the partnership Seeker is the vocalist and Vega produces the beats. Now they are dropping the first single on their own independent label which is taken from their forthcoming LP entitled Seek Mythology.

When we asked why they had changed up their styles from UK garage to Hip Hop, Seeker’s answer was, ‘We never really switched – still driving the same, just changed the vehicle. I write lyrics that can be expressed over any beat, whereas Garage is predominantly a fast tempo with MCs opting for catchy sing-along choruses, I feel Hip Hop gives me more freedomwith my rhymes and when we took this approach it felt so right and I knew there was no turning back’.

The release is a two track single opening up with Keep Your Guard Up which is an expose of life on road and how one has to prepare for any eventualities. Seeker describes his motivation for the track, ‘We felt it was the right opening because it represents our thoughts and feelings about our current circumstances’. He continues, ‘The message behind the song is simply; be cautious cause of the many threats in life. Things are not always as they seem, so we all need to learn how to see through the illusions’. Vega’s backing track is dark and melodic delivering a track that is deeper than your average.

The Way It Went Down is a more upbeat track about a twelve yr old who is having some troubles with some other youts who want to murk him. Across three  verses Seeker tells the tale of a chase, confrontation and how the kid succeeds in deading the grief. The production is perfect for a reminiscing track, but perhaps is a touch too light-hearted for this subject matter.

The crew are coming over intelligently and deserve your support.

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