The Shady Rezidents come from Derby in the East Midlands. The crew is comprised of Sirvere, Regiimental and Brisko on the mics with production from Raze Brooks on this release with Second Suzpect also in the crew with beats yet to be heard. As a whole the group’s desire is to drop a more knowledgeable aspect to Hip Hop and they certainly seem able to live up to that.

The track on this teaser is So Much More in which the lyricists state that society is not giving them enough credit for their abilities and therefore they are not able to be utilised to their full potential. Despite this each member comes with a positive outlook that despite this attitude they are going to make it regardless and carve a little niche for themselves in life.

The production is sweet with a nice string sample which is also filtered for the bassline and effected for a change. A classic drum break is flexed slightly differently and overall the result is a resounding success. I don’t know who the singer is, but she adds to the chorus.

The CD comes with only this track, but you get the Dirty, Radio Edit, Instrumental and Accapella versions. The Shady Rezidents have a full length LP in production and it should be something tasty to look out for.

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