Shameless ft. Lowkey and TB - Live Fast CD [Dat Sound]

There ain’t been too many MCs to represent the shamrock, you can probably name the ones that have made it over here on one hand. Leyton’s Shameless has picked up this mantle and we know he rolls deep. For the debut single released from his Smokers Die Younger LP he has picked the anthemic message rap – Live Fast.

The DJ Snips produced Live Fast features a mid paced beat with a live sounding bass and regular strings which drive the track, periodically rising with more orchestration which peaks for the chorus. The vocals are opened with Lowkey who displays finesse and he drops his similies with ease raping well within himself. Dodging death he frequently numbs the pain with alcohol. His nights are long, but he can’t afford to change his pace.

Shameless ft. Lowkey and TB - Live Fast CD [Dat Sound]
01. Radio Edit
02. Instrumental
03. Terror Danjah Remix Radio Edit
04. Terror Danjah Remix Instrumental

The second MC, TB aka T Bear’s diatribe is full of his unique flow in which he emphasises unexpected syllables. As ever his verse is deep and give you food for thought. Infact all the MCs drop rhymes which rhyme on many levels and flow over the beat sweetly.

Shameless finishes off with topics which touch on the environment around East London, full of drug references and how the police are omnipresent. Because of the struggle and possibility of being offed sharpish the message is that life is too short and that is why everyone is living life at top speed.

On the flip the Terror Danjah remix is much easier on the ears, but lacks the impact of the original. Mutiple claps and a deeply effectd sample make for a modern feeling track, but perhaps it sounds a bit clean. Overall though, a nice offering which displays how Shameless has progressed since we covered his first release.

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