Sicknote - Get On The Bus 12"

Sicknote is an indie producer from Cardiff, Wales. He got in touch so that we could let you know about the tunes he is pushing over at his myspace page. The guy looks like a nerdy nutter and some of the music comes across like that as well.

The Gimme Dat Harp (live) track is is mainic and crazy, but at the same time kinda funky and does have a certain groove to it. Get On The Bus features a vocoderized vocal and much more of an electronic composition, but the tempo and drums of some older Big Beat type of stuff. Prodigy anyone? Heady dance music this is, but despite its zanyness it is not overtly original.

Brandman is the most housey of the lot and shows that Sicknote has a diverse style that can transgress many genres. This one has the most Sicknote vocals in it of any of the tracks, but for me is a touch bland.

Get On The Bus is the debut single and is available now at Catapault.

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