Silex - Just You And Me MP3 [Street Savvy]

Born and raised in Holland it was the lyrical prowess of Nas, 2Pac and DMX that appealed to Silex as he was growing up. Recognizing that rap is about reaching people and story telling he felt confident in himself and what he was able to bring to the table. "It doesn't take much for somebody to feel you", he explains. "I just want people to know that my life isn't so different from theirs".

After performing to a packed out crowd on Saturday night in his native Rotterdam, Dutch MC Silex, is more than ready to release his debut single, Just You And Me on iTunes later this month.

Just You And Me is driven by the soulful soundscape presented by XV for Combined with Silex's storytelling vibe this debut is a solid effort from the lyricist who cites DMX and 2Pac as his main influences.

"This single, and basically the rest of the project from which Just You and Me is from, is focused on my intent on making it in the rap game", Silex explains. "I am no stranger to this business but like a lot of folks you have certain things you need to take care of before you finally get to doing what it is you feel you should be doing".

With a complete album on deck to continue the momentum Silex hopes to kick start with this single he is eager to put all he has into his music. "I'm going all out so that later down the line I won't have that 'shoulda coulda woulda' feeling", he concludes.

Just You And Me will be available from January 24th through all digital retailers with a video to be released on January 17th.

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