Silvar - Searching 12" [Razeone]

I could write this review with one line: Silvar – not for fans of Hip Hop. I won’t just leave it at that though; you need to know why. If I’m not mistaken ‘Searching‘ is produced by Sermstyle who can produce decent Hip Hop beats. Instead for this release someone decided that synthy-dance-mulch based beats would do. It’s obvious this is aimed at folk who listen to the radio and go to see X Factor winners in concert but I doubt this will even cut it with them – it’s a bit too mundane.

The beat for ‘Too Famous‘ panders a little less to the latest urban trends but it’s clear from Silvar’s simplistic lyrics that he has limited scope – he talks about a girl wearing his rolex in both tracks on this single.

‘Searching’ is probably out sometime soon (possibly November 2nd) on Razeone.

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