Silver - Through The Storm mp3 [Razeone]

I'm impressed. To be honest it's hard to find anything negative to pick on when it comes to Silver. On the musical, lyrical and even a listener's personal front; anyone who strings out some major criticisms is doing so out of spite, not experience. The Phantom of The Opera style choir, rotating bassline and strong simple one, two, two, two drumbeat provide a council estate assault course for Silver to parkour his way through with words and street roots.

The whole gothic feel, and Through The Storm ideal, have been done time and time again. But what makes this track different is that all the interest isn't resting on the background drama. The bassline and the vocals demonstrate true ability with a 'here's how its really done' exclaimation mark. Lyrically, the story is the same. Been there, done that, got the mixtape… Made some mixtapes, system was holding me back, but here I am to tell the story.

It wasn't long ago that Silver was handing me a copy of his first mixtape 'Daydot' in Leeds City Centre. The mixtape, like the single, has all the classic mixtape elements, but is far from being generic or tedious. 'Through The Storm' hails beat production from Newcastle's Sermstyle, who is part of 'The Teknicians Network'. Serm has worked with some sick talents including Wretch 32, Pyro, Logical, Lowkey, KC and Young Kof. The track is mixed by Joe Fields – the man behind some class work with Soho Studios and Kano.

I doubt I'm the first person to half murmur 'Kanye West?' during the chorus… It's not just the synthesised sound – it's the new found pride and open attitude both artists share. All I can say is that Silver and Kanye seem to have a few similar wheels turning in a few similar places in their unclassifiable minds. Silver utilises whatever he feels like utilising. The Rihanna "Umbrella-ella-eh-eh-eh" line doesn't piss me off the way the other fifty odd tracks I've heard using it have. Gold doesn't skip off the tongue in quite the same way, but it may be a more appropriate name for Silver. There is nothing drastically new but he's taken all these well known modern street track elements and made them work. Don't ask me how. Don't speak at all. Just listen.

The Baby Knotted Films video for Through The Storm is released on Razeone Records on 10th November together with the track which will be available for digital download only.

By: Nino


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