Skandal - A Quick Snack CD [Halal Beats / Killamanjaro]

South London’s bastion of a new home-grown hip hop dawn – Skandal has received some glowing reviews from what proved to be a phenomenal debut mix tape release. The release of ‘Hunger Pains’ was proof that people are still starving for some raw hip hop goodness, it just needs to be served the right way and that’s exactly what Skandal delivered.

With many people calling him one to watch for 2010 it was only really right that he start the year with that in mind and prove those sat in his corner were onto something. ‘Kill Em Wit The Flow’ does just that and is sure to kick those still sat on the fence square in the face evaporating any possible doubt that he’s not hear to stay.

Beat Butcha’s relentless pounding drums drive Skandals juggernaut flow for just under four minutes of intense verbal posturing rounded off with a fierce guest verse from premier Dutch rapper Ciph Barker. With a hook that wouldn’t have sounded out of place on Curtis Jackson's last offering Skandal has shown he has yet another gear to step up to.

If this wasn’t enough then you also get two bangers from the ‘Hunger Pains’ mix tape, the incredible ‘Home Economics’ and ‘Bold as F*ck’ to help wash it all down.

Skandal has no intention of stopping there, look out for a forthcoming mixtape ‘New Jack City’ with Sarah Love [BBC 1xtra / MTV] & Ransom Badbones [Taskforce], plus Hunger Pains Vol. 2, another new single that’s sure to show yet more strings to his bow and news just in on a remix of ‘Kill Em With The Flow’ featuring some very very special guests! Watch this space.


1. Kill Em Wit The Flow
2. Home Economics
3. Bold As F**k

Release Date: 5th April 2010


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