Skandal - E.P. CD [Kilamanjaro]

Skandal has a fine pedigree if you consider the beat makers he has worked with in the past, i.e. Beat Butcha and The Last Skeptik from the Halal Beats stable. Now for his debut EP he has enlisted Chemo to produce the beats.

What we have here is a three track release on the Kilamanjaro label. As an MC Skandal is equally able to bring it grimey, but can also drop a party joint if he feels the need. This release kicks off with Dark Times in which Chemo combines dub bass and echoed snares with synth chords and a stuttery beat. This allows Skandal to drop a flow which always aches to go double time. This track is a warning to observe and a description of the shadows on the streets. 

Venom has a similar beat in that a double time flow would fit well. Skandal describes himself as venom and therefore dangerous to other MCs. The release finishes with The Warning another track suitable for breathless rapping. This one is a message to society about the dangerous examples we are setting for our kids. Its also a message to the youngers to heed the warning otherwise they’ll be heading for trouble. The flow on this is ferocious and so is perhaps the top track on the CD.

I'll be unpopular to state it, but generally Chemo's beats are not my most favourite due to the synthy sounds, but if that is your bag then the release also includes instrumental versions of all the tracks making it something you’ll want to check out when it drops on the 19th May.

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