Slippery Trashmouf - Smiley Nonsense

Well HappyMusic presents ‘Smiley Nonsense‘ the brand new EP from Scotland’s Least Invested, Slippery Trashmouf. Backed by a bubbling concoction of brooding LoFi spliced with Boom Bap, Slippery Trashmouf breezes over the abstract beats.

On the track Slippery Trashmoutf can be heard lamenting on life in the arse-end of West Lothian – touching on relatable topics such as being skint and having a penchant for Class B substances. While it’s predominantly a solo outing from the Livingstone emcee, the EP features his Well Happy brethren, Kevin Breadknife on additional vocal duties.

Tragically short in run-time and almost bittersweet, ‘Smiley Nonsense‘ stands out in a scene that’s quickly becoming saturated with braggadocious lyrics and glossy production packages.

Beats by: Well HappyMusic
Bars by: Slippery Trashmouf
Additional Bars by: Kevin Breadknife

Slippery Trashmouf

Well HappyMusic

Slippery Trashmouf - Smiley Nonsense

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