Ok, we’ve got a live one here! “Enza” is the new track from Smiler that I’m pretty sure will knock your winter socks off and get you ready for those thinner, jazzier spring ones you’ve been dying to put on.

I was sent this track just a few minutes ago and decided that I should write up a glaringly positive review before I forget my initial thoughts from hearing it.

“Enza” starts off with quite a catchy loop that catches your attention. It has that electronic style that increasing amounts of hip hop artists seem to be embracing at the moment (Scorzayzee and Tactical Thinking come to mind). The track then kicks in with a heavy baseline that I immediately associate with that feeling we all get when we walk into a packed club or festival tent. I can imagine this track shaking the walls on a high-quality speaker system in a huge event – which is where this track belongs. So yes, it’s a party track and a party is where it should be played. So you DJ’s out there should be loading up your Serato as you read the next section.

But where do I get to hear this track? I hear you muttering to your computer screen. Well, you can download Smilers mixtape “Clarity” absolutely free at his website right here http://www.smilermusic.com. In fact you can just type Smiler & Enza into Google and you’re laughing. Enjoy!

For those of you that need more info before you get this track make sure you read on. For those of you that have already downloaded it, you probably don’t need to!


UK HIP HOP artist Smiler (real name Joseph Bartlett) started rapping eight years ago in the south eastern parts of London; Woolwich to be precise. When asked what inspired him he explains, "Besides it being my form of expression, my daily journey its nothing short of inspirational, leaving me in need of a vent, a verbal outlet, and nothing or no one understands me better than an instrumental".

Smiler then proceeded to go from strength to strength with his release of 'Emancipation' in 07 which was playlisted on BBC 1Xtra. Inspired by such accolade from the locals Smiler found that his lyrical ability also impressed the likes of DJ 279 which ended up with DJ Premier publicly endorsing Smiler's debut mixtape. This progressed into a personal invite by US hip hop royalty Marly Marl to Manhattan, New York for numerous radio interviews and shows, including his own radio station Power 105 alongside Styles P, Mobb Deep and JoJo Pellegrino.

Back on UK soil with a reignited passion for the artform Smiler released his second hit single 'Craziest' which featured ex ‘Poisonous Poet’ groups Stylah in 08. The single was playlisted on MTV BASE and featured on websites and blogs across the board. He later went on to bless features and rip up stages while supporting for artists such as GZA from Wu Tang, Royce Da 5’9 and D12.

Single 'Enza' to download with video coming soon!

By: Kris Drew


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