Smokey - Words From The Missing 12
Following the release of his debut solo single – Road Zombies, Smokey is now dropping a double, 10 track deep, EP – Words From The Missing. Production on the EP is courtesy of East London based duo, Bare Smoke… half Smokey & half Bare Beats. Bare Smokes unique blend of banging drums, cut-up samples, live instruments and killer bass lines will make your gut spasm.

Their unique beatsmithing breaks away from the run of the mill hip-hop sound and brings some fresh sounding, dark ish that will leave your ears exhausted.

Smokey - Words From The Missing 12" [Bare]
01. Medicine Man
02. My Blood Boils
03. Life Hidden
04. Just Add Water
05. Grittysides
06. Eastend Bastard
07. Price of Ice
08. Logs & Grimes
09. Kick Back
10. Outro (live fast)

Flipping the scripts with street rhymes, stories and life entrapments, Smokey blesses the tracks with pure aggression, his passion for hip-hop and his dedication to the streets of the city that have educated him. Smokey stays true to those raw elements that made Hip-Hop a culture and a lifestyle long before it became adopted & diluted all over the world.

2006 has seen Smokey working hard in the Studio and doing live shows drumming with various Jazz bands throughout the South East. Ever eclectic, next year will see the release of his debut Drum’N’Bass album as well as a full Bare Smoke album, a Smokey mix CD and a whole host of other releases.

Words From The Missing is available from on CD for only £6.99 including postage and packaging. Each order will receive a free 19 track promo cd full of Bare Records exclusive tracks and live performances.

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