Snappa And Savage - Demo CD [White]

Snappa and Savage hail from grimy Deighton in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. Together they have been producing music for a few years now, and whilst they have tried to take on suggestions about what type of music they need to be making, they have found that they are most fulfilled when they are staying true to themselves and making what the really feel.

Whilst the duo have featured on others releases they have yet to formally release their own material. All that is set to change as we have got our hands on some of their material to check out.

The first of the tracks is Live Or Die has a screeching, haunting backing peppered with piano and constant scratches over which double speed raps are delivered. All the elements are here for this one and it makes for an impressive and powerful debut.

You Lied To Me is top notch. The track seems well laid back after the first one and is more to my liking. The message is obvious from the title, this is about being cheated on by your partner and how it feels when you get the evidence to prove your suspicions. Should you take them back when they act remorseful or is the betrayal too much to forgive?

The last track we have to tell you about is Whats This World has some deep strings in the production – which is always good for adding feeling. With messed up situations in the world such as violence the duo ask what type of world are we constructing here? The feeling is that the world has lost any feeling and in the hood its all drama and one has to stand back and separate oneself from what is going on in order to not get sucked in.

The guys like a good sung chorus and I am assuming they have worked with a singer for this, one who has a good pair of lungs no less, but she is un-credited on the material I have.

Overall we are looking at a duo who clearly have skills and have demonstrated this when they blew the audience away at the In The City gig in Manchester. Snappa and Savage’s goals include wanting to get out there and tour worldwide. They have a good work ethic and strong commitment to put their all into their work and with this attitude they could make it work.

Snappa And Savage

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