SonnyJim is a Birmingham native and over the years has become a veteran on the MC battle circuit, having dropped bars at Battlescars and Rampage. When you may have first heard of SonnyJim was his now legendary battle with Mic Assassin at the Jump Off.

Not only that but SonnyJim has graced a heap of guest appearances on mixtapes and proper releases and has toured with The Streets and Plan B. Now though, SonnyJim is ready to release his first solo wax and the Soul Trader EP is that work. With a title like that you can expect rhymes that work on many levels and many will as whether a battle MC can transfer well to vinyl.

01. Intro
02. Headlines
03. Paperwork
04. Barcodes ft. KoSYNE, English
05. Breathe
06. Jim Wisecrack
07. Soul Trader
08. Outro

Well the answer is yes as the EP kicks off with the apty described Intro which is a short 30 seconds which heralds SonnyJim’s arrival before the easygoing sounds of Headlines takes over the speakers. Dave Institute creates a nicely crafted guitar backing for SonnyJim to drop some perfectly dictated lines which exemplify his ability to flow over a beat with quite a few punch lines. The track has a short middle section when SonnyJim introduces the EP before he continues with the track breaking down the steps he has been through getting his material out. Already this EP is set to be classic material.

Production on this EP is one of the strong points as is the quality of the mixing which was completed by Lotek. Paperwork follows with production from DJ Skare. This one is a jerkier stab based head nodder and is slightly biographical. Barcodes is produced by KoSyne who also features on the vocals alongside English. Cuts are by Jodo. The beat has dark undertones and is perfect for the MCs to quickly go back and forth spitting their most fearsome braggadocio rhymes. Plenty of lines here to make you grin with their inventive similes. This is a mammoth 6 minutes long and starts with a phone call from KoSYNE inquiring whether the beat he has crafted will be acceptable. The track finishes off with a human beatbox freestyle session with all three MCs grabbing the mic.

Next up is Breathe with beats from Roeg Du Casq who we exposed here previously. The track starts off sounding particularly off beat before the dope backing kicks in with an educational recording about asthma. Partly a ganja track this is the most focussed of the tracks so far and SonnyJim expresses his health regime and advises other MCs on how to open up their lungs.

Before the penultimate track Jim Wisecrack there is a skit featuring a phone in on DJ Cro’s radio show. A simple piano backing by fellow Brummie producer JBC allows Sonny to spit punchline after punchline which is where the title Wisecrack comes from. Simply and clearly SonnyJim shows that he would murk most MCs who would have the nerve to step to him. The final track is also the title track and is again produced by JBC. Soul Trader opens with more pianos for a slightly more down tempo round up to the EP which is equally as addictive as the rest of the EP.

All too soon the EP comes to an end as signalled by the Outro a slow crackly affair permeated with spooky old fashioned jazzy singing of a tonal variety with cuts from DJ Cro whose cuts also feature on most of the other tracks as well.

SonnyJim has proven that he is a unique individual with a wealth of talent and ability to flow sweetly. This is a top notch release which we can’t get behind enough. Go check for this talent.

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