Spida Lee - Maze Of Life MP3 [Carriacou Jack]

The Huddersfield, Yorkshire rapper Spida Lee returns with this four minute slice of social commentary with a very Northern slant. The track is taken from his forthcoming mixtape ‘Lifes a Gamble‘ dropping later this summer 2014.

When this kicked off I was slightly concerned as it sounds like it had too much of a pop feel. A warped vocal sample, but not like the variety perfected by Skinnyman on his Council Estate Of Mind LP, but dangerously generic and benile. Knowing how Spida can get down I waited and his verses definitely lifted the track, but the backing by M.PireThe Sire” and QuiteGroov sounds too clean and synthesised. While the musicality is there the sounds and instruments chosen seem like the easy choices. This would have the ability to hit hard and is ripe for a remix to take it onto the next level.

The forgoing views probably sound over harsh, the track is catchy and Spida’s verses are quality, its just not quite up my street, I feel could be improved and the comments are offered in the spirit of constructive criticism.

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