S.P.R.10 ft. Rochelle - Can't See the Rain CD [White]

S.P.R.10 is back again and this time he has taken his inspiration from the uninspiring English weather for his new single. Unlike his previous efforts Can’t See the Rain is more aurally reminiscent of Usher or Ne-Yo and the current production trend in American R & B than anything from U.K hip hop. Opening with an apt and brilliant sample from Brandon Lee’s seminal cult classic The Crow the track hits the dance floor running with synth stabs and urgent keyboards.

Sounding like an electronic rain storm the ever building refrain is perpetually punctuated by cyber rain drop sounds as S.P.R.10 spits like a rain cloud over the beats. Like Turn Away before it S.P.R.10’s rhymes revolve around love except this time its more about being happy and content in a relationship rather than being sad and alone and his lyrics flow over the backing track like water. The chorus features Rochelle whose sweet soulful singing voice counterbalances S.P.R.10’s hard spoken and insistent rapping giving the song an even more commercial and radio friendly feel.

Once again S.P.R.10 has made a tune that stays true to its UK underground origins with his vocal and his words but also takes from outside in its urban U.S sound and soul diva chorus to create something altogether more engaging for the masses and much more appealing than being caught in the rain. Lets just hope his single is not a prediction for this years summer weather.

By: Alex Humphrey


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