Steg G And The Freestyle Master - Inner City Pressures EP [Powercut Productions]

Inner City Pressures is the new seven track EP by Scottish Hip Hop pioneers Steg G and the Freestyle Master. The EP sees them take a venture through some of the many pressures that arise in the modern urban landscape. From love to loneliness the duo cover a wide variety of topics with the help of some outstanding guest features from the likes of Mog, Pete McCoy and Guests Of Nature and also features the first in an up coming series of collaborations between Glasgow Hip Hop artists and their counterparts in one of it's twin cities in Nuremberg Germany.

The song "Connects" has the Ghettoblaster crew on show after the two camps met last year while Steg G and the Freestyle Master toured Germany after the successful German release of the tune Who Killed The Messenger which was taken from the Glasgow duos last highly acclaimed EP Overstand Ur Enemy. Connects also sees Nino Berry and Dissidentin from Germany rhyming alongside FM and female Glasgow rapper Deva 1 over a Steg G banger with cuts frorn Bavarian DJ Source.

The title track "Inner City Pressure" has the potential to be a summer favourite with it's laid back soulful jazzy feel which is complimented to perfection by the Freestyle Master and fellow Glaswegian emcee Mog with the icing on the cake delivered by Guests Of Nature in the form of a vocal that once heard will not leave your mind for the rest of that day.

Available as a free download Inner City Pressures showcases all that the public have come to love in the pair through the years with outstanding production values and lyrics ranging from subjects like white collar criminals to the upcoming Scottish Independence vote. Steg G and the Freestyle Master continue to keep pushing boundaries and breaking new ground with this release and show no signs of that changing cos as they say, "We love the feeling cos its feeling alive it's…Inner City Pressure…".

Steg G And The Freestyle Master

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