Strong Arm Steady - Can't Let It Go mp3 [Blacksmith Music]

As I'm sure most of you know, Strong Arm Steady is a West Coast super-group consisting of the cream of California’s underground hip-hop scene: Phil the Agony, Mitchy Slick and Krondon. Over the years, Strong Arm Steady has toured relentlessly and pounded the mixtape circuit, independently distributing over 200,000 mixtapes worldwide.

SAS has become the staple sound of the new West Coast movement, and "Can't Let It Go" is the first single to be nationally promoted through their new home at Blacksmith Music. This song has everything. The production from DJ Khalil bumps seriously. A hyphy bassline is joined with stabs, background humming and a sweet piano lick. Each MC proves their worth and we even have some singing in the chorus.

This is classic material, its tracks like these that prove the West Coast can still bang in the face of a relentless assault from the South. You need to check this to see how older acts can still come hard and keep it funky.

For more on the group hit up:

Strong Arm Steady

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