Styly Cee and Cappo - The Fallout MP3 [Son Records]

Two titans standing tall amidst the fractured landscape of British hip-hop, Styly Cee and Cappo are back in the brickwork with the opening salvo from an album destined for greatness.

Having first worked together on Cappo's debut release the Cap 3000 EP way back in 1999, they have each gone on to create towering musical legacies in their own right over the years, before re-uniting in 2008 for the explosive H-Bomb EP, hailed by many as one of the landmark homegrown releases of recent years with its potent fusion of hectic, Bomb Squad-esque production and precision-engineered weapons-grade lyrics. The time is near: prepare for The Fallout.

Audio Link to The Fallout single:

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