Sway - One For The Journey EP [Dcypha]

No one can accuse Sway of being lazy. In between producing, writing, recording, touring (and winning awards) the hard working rapper has managed to squeeze in One For The Journey. An EP designed to appease his growing fan base and let us in on his creative journey.

Critics of the rapper have often suggested that despite talents, he is limited stylistically and does not tackle controversial subjects like fellow artists, Klashnekoff and Plan B. However this EP may just silence some of those critics once and for all.

Tracks such as True Stories and Move Back reveal a darker side to the rapper. On the self produced opener True Stories, Sway addresses current affairs in the UK. He touches briefly upon youth crime, haters and politics. Classic lines such as “What has this country become Tony? What have you done Tony? Why’s that kid got a gun Tony? Come out your house, don’t run Tony!” Emphasise Sway’s ability to sum up modern day issues with swift word play and a cautionary tone.

Sway - One For The Journey EP [Dcypha]Move Back produced by Skilioso, moves into even darker territory. Sway presents a grittier image over epic sounding strings and menacing gun shots, lyrics such as “I ain’t from the East London Grime scene; I’m from the North London Crime scene”, warn fans and haters alike- Sway ain’t playing around.

But it’s not all doom and gloom and Mr Dasafo hasn’t turned all angry on us, high tempo tracks like the brilliantly grimey classic Baby Father, show Sway at his story telling best with humorously, dark lyrics about unresolved parentage and trifling chicks.

The already classic Up Your Speed receives a re-vamp on Part Two with a feature from platinum selling rapper Chamillionaire. The track is definitely a snapshot into the future for the North London rapper as Sway is destined for big things collabo wise (it’s rumoured that Pharrell and Akon may both feature on his next album). Ex Boyfriend– a breezy, summers day track produced by DJ Turkish, sees Sway return to his comical alter ego with this hilarious tale of boy meets girl.

The ‘chale boy’ interludes in between tracks offer both humour and reaffirm Sway’s cultural affiliation with his Ghanaian roots. Sway’s One For The Journey EP successfully manages to stick with the old whilst experimenting with the new. All seven EP tracks are consistent with Sway’s usual high standard of production and sound clarity and if this is only the EP, his sophomore album due for release early next year, looks extremely promising- in his own words: “the game ain’t even seen a third of what I can do yet”.

One For The Journey is out now on Dcypha Productions.

By: Michelle Adabra

Sway - One For The Journey EP [Dcypha]

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