Swift It Major - X Factor CD [Fas Fwd]

If you wanted to think of an easy target for an MC to rip on, piss-poor "talent" show X-Factor would come pretty high on the list. However, this doesn't make the latest release by Swift It Major any less entertaining or any less welcome.

With serious form as both a battle MC and a straight spitter on the underground circuit, it's understandable that Swift finds himself frustrated with the fact that those who don't have the skills or put in the work get so much attention on national television. His response to the problem has been to drop this banger – fast, vicious flows and a clanging, skittish beat produced by Jay'O.

The overall impact of the track is excellent, although at times it's hard to catch what Swift is saying even to my ears, used as I am to fast flows. The message still comes through clear though –

"You're weak!"

If you're feeling the new-school, Grime-sounding strain of Hip-Hop you're definitely going to like this track. If not, it may not be your cup of tea but personally I'm going to be keeping an eye out for more stuff by Swift It Major.

By: Analogue

Swift It Major

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