Tactical Thinking - Superstars / Dust Til Dawn 12

I've been onto the Tactical Thinking crew for a few years now and have been waiting for their first proper release. The time has come, well it will have late August. Not content with fitting into any mould TT have opted to break onto the scene with some dirty electronica styled Hip Hop. Don't let that put you off though – the crew consists of some of the most classically trained MC in the country – you should see them freestyle.

Lead track Superstars laughs in the face of heat magazine and its unsecure, obsessive readership – check the vocoder (way better than autotune). Crew members Naive and Mr. Dick bring the glitchy ruckus on T.A.C.T.I.C.A.L. (which features Kid Genius, Deadline, Derogatory and Mr Dick on raps) and That's Right Move (that features Jim Raygun, Deadline, Assa, Derogatory, Mr Dick and Jay Madden).

Dusk Til Dawn proves they're not just on the electro hip hop vibe with it's Mexican, double timed, grime-esque madness – ariba! The gang (this time Derogatory, Kid Genius, Jim Raygun, Mr Dick, Deadline and Assa) spit tongue twisters about just how good they are.

This double sided single is some of the freshest Hip Hop around at the moment – throw away your misconceptions and prejudices and get your hands on this digital download and prepare for the album Too Broke To Go Solo. Superstars B/W Dust til Dawn is out on 24th August.

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