Tajinere is a new Hip Hop producer / MC from the North of England. He is networking and grinding and sent in his demo for us to check out. From the demo Tajinere is planning on putting out the two tracks, "Ours Tonight" and "Welcome". This will be his first single and he’ll be releasing it on his own label Heart Of The Nation in January.

The two tracks start off with Ours Tonight wich in turn gets busy with a music box opening. Over the rock influenced bass line Tajinere lets loose by detailing a bit of an excessive night out on the town. As the chorus states it is about people who are living to break out at the weekend. The first verse is about the preperation and getting ready to go out. The second verse is where the drinks are imbibed and things get a bit more mental. As the song continues Tajinere gets to observe the wreckage around him and move on to getting into trouble chatting up a girl and then taking her back to get busy before he passes out.

TajinereWelcome again has a bassline that is a bit out of place. Amongst the other musical elements that is a touch of Brave World and other elements mixed in. The main thrust of the lyrics is that this is an introduction to Tajinere’s life and everything that surrounds him.

Tajinere has that distincive Northern accent that as with other Northerners I think lends its self well to rapping. Again he has a relatively simple flow, but does bring his own style to the table. Tajinere is a man on the rise and you could do worse than to seek him out.

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