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Saturday, 25 January 2020
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Tempa T - Say It Right Now (H.O.T.Box Official Remix) 12" [Downing St. Records]
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Monday, 02 July 2012
Tempa T - Say it Right Now (H.O.T.Box Official Remix) 12" [Downing St. Records]Tempa T has dropped the official EP for his new single 'Say It Right Now' which has reached some amazing feedback from blogs and critics alike. Alongside the original, Tempa T has decided to supply four remixes including an Electro-House mix produced by DSR producer, H.O.T. Box. This one's for the raves and with the summer here in full effect (despite the weather) this is sure to brighten up your days!

This is the way things have been for quite a while now, all house remixes and pretending that a track is original when in reality you head it all ten years before the turn of the century! That is what this track does! I have been in denial and stuck to my guns, but you can't just ignore the fact that the only urban sound with popular appeal to the UK audience is House. So with a twist like you've never heard from Tempa T before, 'Say It Right Now (H.O.T. Box Remix)' is Tempa T's foray into going for mass appeal. I'm afraid to say this won't get him that as it will dissapear into the tidal wave of constantly released tracks.

Regardless the track is not wiout merit. It has the energy of a 100m dash with its booming bass and organic mix of Tempa T's vocals with every "slew dem" and "next hype" in tact. 'Say It Right Now (H.O.T. Box Remix)' is available to purchase on iTunes now along with the original track:

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