The Forcefield Kids - Home E.P. [DFNT Records]

Its grim up North they say and when listening to the Home E.P by Newcastle natives The Forcefield Kids you can see why they say it. Full of deep poetic lyricism over dark lo-fi soundscapes this seriously sinister set of singles is the perfect introduction to a great new home grown collaboration made up of MC Stain(ed) Art and producer Sleepy.

From the opening electronic keys of Cradle To Grave with its twisted tales of urban life in our modern world coupled with a catchy chorus you know you are listening to something different from the usual British hip-hop releases. Stain’s lyrics are simple and direct yet graceful, flowing perfectly over the sci-fi soundscapes Sleepy has created. Creeper is a perfect example where lyrics and sounds combine to form a dark foreboding mood making you feel like you are driving through a decaying estate in the dead of night while you listen to it.

The mood is lightened somewhat in the next track Little Miss Star a tale of passion and romance with a more upbeat production and an R ‘n’ B chorus. Even here however Stain’s hurried rapping creates an uncomfortable urgency describing the fleeting moments of fondness as if his happiness was about to end.

Interestingly the next track Since We Last Spoke is about exactly that deconstructing a break up with poetic lines that sum up everyone’s feelings about lost love. In the same way the last two tracks flowed into each other the final track My Dead Body seamlessly fits in. While Stain’s spiritual and religious lyrics get deep on the verses, a female vocal takes the chorus sounding like an electronic angel while the beat seems to slow down as if the track itself was running out of time and gradually grinding to a halt.

The Forcefield Kids have created an epic E.P where futuristic shadowy beats gel flawlessly with lyrical flows which are equally deep and meaningful. With E.P number two, entitled Harmony And Discord, more or less finished lets hope this duo keep flying the flag for the North producing interesting original British hip-hop and some point soon get the credit and fame they deserve.

By: Alex Humphrey

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