ThisisDA prod. Benji Boko - Fallback 12" [Indie]

Fallback is the latest single from Bristol rapper ThisisDA and sees him teaming up with Brighton born electronic producer Benji Boko. Following the release of his acclaimed debut album Super Arkane, produced entirely by Mankub, and latest single Voodoo with Chicago’s Mojek, ThisisDA continues to veer away from the ‘Boom Bap’ label initially placed on him by joining forces up with another experimental producer.

Having first discovered Benji Boko’s work when both artists were featured in Clash Magazine‘s Rapture & Verse column back in February, ThisisDA was inspired to work with Benji based on the hip-hop remixes on the producer’s SoundCloud page. He hit him up and got to working right away. “The result of that desire is this ‘Fallback’ joint”, he explains. “Which still sounds like a typical ThisisDA record but has the makings of something further than what people have heard before”.

This has a bit of a Big Dada feel, with a slightly electronic tinge, but despite the uptempo, bouncy, energetic feel, ThisisDa’s flow brings this back to being real. There is a few welcome off beat drops, and time and again it is ThisisDa’s ability to interact with the beat that enables him to ride any rhythm sweetly and to put it bluntly put him head and shoulders above many other so called rappers who have forgotten that this artform is not just simply repeating words and not necessarily in time with the beat. At the end of the day it has to sound good, and this does.

With his brilliant debut album garnering acclaim from the likes of Earmilk, Noisey, BBC. The Needle Drop and SB.TV, ThisisDA is taking us into new territory with his recent single releases, and there is more to look forward to from the exciting new artist in the coming months.

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