Tiara Wiles - Phinding Pharrell mp3 [Soul Rebel NY]

Pittsburgh singer Tiara Wiles loves Pharrell. In fact she loves him so much she decided to show her love by taking some of her favourite Pharrell songs apart and rebuilding them as her own and she’s done a pretty good job at it too!

Tiara’s Phinding Pharrell project is an E.P featuring 4 original tracks all inspired by Skateboard P in more ways than one. Using instrumentals from Pharrell’s 2006 solo album In My Mind as backing tracks the tunes are not only great songs but truly showcase Tiara’s vocal skills and gifted lyrical aptitude. They also serve as a warm up before her mixtape Spaceship Cadillac drops sometime latter this year.

The E.P opens with the Best Friend inspired Ice Cream named not only because of the catchy chorus but also because of Mr William’s famous Ice Cream footwear collection which he created in collaboration with Reebok. This musical collaboration is equally tasty and cool and Tiara switches the tune up into creamy laid back R’n’B treat.

Here We Go comes next which uses the instrumental of How Does it Feel?, a fast stepping banger of a tune and one of the best on the album. The change of pace doesn’t phase Tiara who rides the rhythm with ease proving she is as good on a club track as a slow groove.

Changing up again Jesus Swag uses the religious ballad Our Father and follows the same message. Tiara cleverly keeps in some of Pharrell’s vocals including the chorus which makes the song more involving and original. There is a real emotional depth in the lyrics proving again that Tiara isn’t afraid to bare her soul in her songs.

The last track Take it Off unsurprisingly employs the backing track of Take It Off (Dim The Lights) as its starting point and again keeps in Pharrell’s vocals making it almost a duet at times. This slow romantic closer wraps the E.P up and nicely brings to an end a great group of tracks.

There is no doubt to the talents of Pharrell as a producer and unknown rappers have been rhyming over great instrumentals including his for decades to gain notoriety and boost up their own lame lyrics. In Phinding Pharrell however Tiara Wiles has a strong enough talent of her own to shine through the production. Her voice is unusual and interesting without being too quirky or unconventional. This great voice coupled with song writing talent and originality means she has all the tools at her disposal to make it big.

Tiara may not actually find Pharrell but anyone listening to this set of tracks will be more than happy they found her.

By: Alex Humphrey

Tiara Wiles

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