Tom Caruana - Welcome Aboard EP [Buda Beats]

Back in October Tom Caruana, ex-Breakin' Bread artist posted a free download EP on his blog (that I've only just discovered). To quote the man himself, "It is set on a cruise ship and travels through various styles of Hip Hop".

In my opinion it's one of those quirky collections of tracks that is so enjoyable to listen to because you just never know what will be round the next corner.

It's got sea themed samples galore and if you like funky, futuristic beats strewn with seamen's witicisms (and who doesn't) then this is for you. 'Cause For Celebration', 'Keeping It Me', 'Get It Off Your Chest', 'Judy' and 'Sea Of Tea' feature nameless rappers and 'Music Therapy' features a singer, so it's not all beats and samples.

Anyways, 'Welcome Aboard' is 8 tracks of riotous fun and it appears to be free courtesy of Buda beats and this is the link .

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Tom Caruana - Welcome Aboard EP [Buda Beats]

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