Triple Darkness - Anathema b/w Heresy ft. Kyza CD [Higher Heights Records]

Most up and coming crews around nowadays are more likely to cite T.I than Tragedy Kahdafi or Kanye West before Killah Priest as an influence, but then this isn’t most crews… Triple Darkness are the sum of two mighty parts, the first being The Heresy (Cyrus Malachi & Nasheron) and joining them to completing the trio M9ine, the underground wordsmith responsible for the one of the most gritty debut mixtapes, ‘High Fidelity’.

First meeting in 2002, the Heresy connected through a mutual love for Hip Hop a shared political and spiritual out look along with simple geography, having both grown up in Hackney. Their fledgling movement was soon to be abruptly halted when in 2003 Cyrus Malachi was sentenced and served two years in our majesties finest.
During this period, both MC’s were determined not to let this unexpected turn of events cloud their development, furiously building their skills sharpening their poetic sword play and impervious flows to perfection. Reunited in 2005 the duo’s bond was again galvanised and the vision they had created before Cyrus’s imprisonment was put firmly back into action.
The next stage in their development was to occur when close associate and mentor ‘Skriblah’ Dan Gogh (Terra Firma) introduced them to already established producers Beat Buthcha & Chemo. In these two they had found their sonic match and began laying the foundations, creating what would be the first building blocks of the Anathema album project.
The last piece in the puzzle was soon to emerge through a chance meeting with M9ine. At first he appeared as just a guest on the album, but as the three began to vibe, and his involvement increase Triple Darkness’s formation was a simple and natural progression.
‘Anathema’ is the first official single to be taken from the hotly tipped Triple Darkness full length effort of the same name. The track transports the listener slap bang in the middle of a head nodding cipher of metaphysical verbal stray bullets and ancient Egyptian poetical references all served on a bed of crispy high hats and swaggering piano break delivered by beat craftsman Chemo.
This is followed up by the underground banger ‘Heresy’ featuring the mighty Kyza Smirnoff giving the listener another string soaked example of what to expect from the finished Anathema album, on its release in February 2008.
The single ‘Anathema’ b/w ‘Heresy’ will be available everywhere from 7th January 2008.

Triple Darkness - Anathema b/w Heresy ft. Kyza CD [Higher Heights Records]

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