Say what you will about the commercial sheen of ‘The Signature’ but you can’t deny Sway is a rare talent, and a damn likable one at that. Having recently signed with Akon, his reputation for international big dogging is enough to make Steve MacFadden jealous. But here he teams up with Ninja Tune stalwart Amon Tobin and Doubleclick’s new production guise Two Fingers, proving he’s still got time for the little guy.

The skeletal underscore of ‘What You Know’ sounds like Timberland stuck in a K-Hole, it’s stark and industrial business – all stuttering bass stabs and jangly tablas – but catchy and up-tempo enough to work in a club. Sway flows with his trademark charm, laying into both the po-po and the petty criminals that get stand up citizens tarred with the shit brush.

Dubstep beatmaker Emalkay also submits a surprisingly enjoyable, hi-octane remix. In honesty I’m not into a lot of the beats Sway jumps on but I can’t fault his sense of adventure; and in true Big Dada fettle this is interesting if nothing else.

By: Max Weldon

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