Understate City - Sex It Up In The Bentley CD [Creativeforce Records]

Understate City is quite a funny new rapper who was born in Hong Kong and has first made his name out in Dubai of all places. He is hailed as one of the most talented rapper to break out in 2006. With his off-the-wall flow and unbridled passion for hip-hop, he is definitely one to be watched.

Understate City’s new single ‘Sex It up in the Bentley’ is produced by Richie B and was released on 18th October and it reached number 16 in the pop commercial charts. He is doing well so far as he has already collected 9 online music awards in the USA and UK. Sex It Up In The Bentley despite its rubbish name is a bouncy piano laced mid tempo bumper, which as you would expect is all about getting off. Understate City has a very clear delivery, which whilst not being super flowtastic is aimed at delivering a good time.

Understate City - Sex It Up In The Bentley CD [Creativeforce Records]This is a touch on the cheesy level and would most likely appeal to the younger female element, but with all the attention Understate City is getting he could be doing the right thing. It could be interesting to see how he develops as the production is tight and he can obviously grip a mic.

In September Understate City wowed 20,000 people at the Nokia Music Festival Prague and has just returned from a trip to Africa where he supported Jay Z on tour!

Being white, Understate City is often hailed as the ‘English Eminem’ but his press says make no mistake, Understate is definitely a unique individual and his influence is actually Tu Pac!

There are dance remixes for ‘Sex It Up In The Bentley’ coming out which have been produced by Richie B, Giuseppe D (USA) and Red Rhythm (London).

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