The first official single release from the ‘Urban Kaoz’ camp titled ‘Addicted’ is straight off their new mixtape ‘Rhythm and Business’.

The single produced by up and coming Grime producer ‘Kaze Productions’ (Clashing Kingz Remix) gives you that new summer tune type of vibe mixed with the vocal talents of ‘Cyko’logic’, ‘Teeza’ and RnB new entrant ‘Faileigh’. With the video about to hit our television screens soon, this will hopefully be a track that will be memorable for time to come.

The single is about being ‘addicted to music’, which is quite simply put forward by Urban Kaoz owner ‘Faisal / K7’. Where he also stated that;

“With the love they all have for music, we all decided to make a tune about it, but with a commercial sound and with different vocal styles. The vocal styles includes Cyko’Logic’s Grime influence, ‘Teeza’ and his laid back relaxed rap style and ‘Faileigh’s’ soft vocal’s on the chorus”.

What’s also evident while listening to this track is that this single isn’t your typical grime track that we have all heard time and time again. ‘Addicted’ is song that makes you want to get up and dance in your open garden party or rave, as the beat has an uplifting feel to it.

The ‘Urban Kaoz’ team deliver well on the track, which gives the song the ingredients it needs for it to be a potential success story in the UK Hip Hop Scene.

By: Leon B

By Leon

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