Ventriloquist - I Know Kung Fu CD [Sounds Easy]

Ventriloquist is poet and producer Chris Redmond. His style utilises a spoken word style which is great for telling stories. Now for this release he has the backing of a six piece live band whose members are made up from Nostalgia 77, Heritage Orchestra and Examples Of Twelves.

The I Know Kung Fu track has a funky backing. Initially rather sparse, but as the lyrics about school kids copying their Kung Fu heroes the arrangement gets increasingly complex. As the kids head for their showdown the emotions of the fighters are described, until ones actions bring the proceedings to an abrupt halt.

MC Ghost who as previously known as Xeno of DXFO drops his own version and comes off tightly with nice rhymes taking the same story, but making it harder. Musa Okwonga also adds his tones to a further re-vocalled version back once again in a more spoken word vibe.

Additionally, in the spirit of Bashy’s Black Boys, the instrumental is included to encourage other artists to record their own versions.

Ventriloquist also hosts the Tongue Fu night at the Betsy Trotwood in London on the last Thursday of the month where acts are encouraged to create spontaneous fusions of poetry and music.


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