Verbal Contact - Literary Vices EP [30 Tonne Slug]

Don't know about life in Leeds? Well, Matter and Prys are willing to be your tour guides for half an hour. Their debut EP is entitled Literary Vices – a clue to the type of intelligence behind the lyrics of Verbal Contact.

Opener First Impressions pulls no punches as the MCs introduce themselves over a seriously heavy beat. Wasteland is a day in the life of and Tourist Information follows – this is Leeds. Likad 2nite features Mr. Ris (of label mates Alphabetix) and details the highs and lows of a typical night out (as does Misadventures) whereas David's Struggle takes a more serious tack – a cautionary tale about the life and times of a drug dealer.

Most of the EP is on a real boom bap Hip Hop tip but the final track Mind The Gap showcases their doubletime flows and features Grime MC Devalish aka Dialect (who recently featured on Westwood TV alongside Asher Don) – proof that this crew aren't close minded and do whatever it take to make good music.

Literary Vices is out on 30 Tonne Slug on 30th November.

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