Vigilante - Holla Bak 12"

Holla Bak is the debut single by Vigilante, London’s latest Asian rapper. With its infectious beats and catchy lyrics, Holla Bak is set to become the most played and sought after club song over the Christmas and New Year period.

This song has all the pre-requisite elements that are needed on today’s club scene. A laid back drawl is the way that Vigilante chooses to make his delivery over a suitably up to date production which lollops along with some nice tabla mixed in for that authentic Asian feel.

Vigilante - Holla Bak 12"Vigilante who hails from west London is “trying to raise the bar on the British rapping style". He is tired of the same old lacklustre raps he hears from British emcees and is aiming to revolutionise the industry with what he describes as a “new breed of rap".

What started off as a hobby, has now become a serious way of life. Like Kanye West (who began his career after a near fatal car crash), Vigilante began taking rapping more seriously after an incident on Christmas Eve in 2004 where ‘beef’ nearly cost him his life. His skull was cracked open and he nearly died, it took him two months to fully recover.

Claiming to be the best looking London rapper in the UK, Vigilante takes pride in his appearance (he sports 10 tattoos; has a walk-in wardrobe and never wears the same trainers twice)… and is preparing to make waves with his stunning debut single.

Vigilante - Holla Bak 12"

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