Visualise is from Archway, North London. After a stint in Acting school he became interested in MCing and back in his teens called himself MC Damage. However circumstances became tough as life on road took its toll on his friends. He fell in with the M.O.N. Stars a six MC and one DJ crew and used music to channel his energy.

In 1998 he met Alim and together they started ATG Entertainment and after a break at university he started doing shows. Visualise quickly finished his first LP entitled 6 Figures which he saw as a learning experience to get his game ready. The M.O.N. Stars split and three of the members including Visualise formed KDC (Kiss Da Cash).

Now Visualise has his Tranquil produced double A side CD. First up is Societies Game which opens with the audio from a news report about gun crime. Tranquil’s production consists of sloppy drums, piano, periodic bass line and a load of sampled vocal hits. Visualise immediately impresses with his ability to spit fiercely with deep feeling. This mid tempo bumper allows Visualise the deliver verbal cinematography and street commentary and social observations, whilst at the same time managing to big himself up as well.

Next up is War With Us which steps up the intensity about 1000%. Drum rolls and constant piercing highs are the backing for a delivery which gives away a serious and passionate intension coupled with rare emotional concentration. Alongside Visualise, Tranquil grabs the mic as well for a raucous arm waving anthem.

No doubt Visualise has honed his skills to a rare degree and knows what sounds good. Be sure to check for this and look out for the forthcoming LP Under Pressure. As well as his musical interests, the multi-faceted Visualies also acts as a mentor for kids in the N17 area of London helping them to develop their talents. Take a note from his book and give back as well.

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