Wolfgang Von Vanderghast and Billy Phono - 5 Minutes

Bard Picasso Records are proud to present the fantastic collaborative EP ‘5 Minutes‘ from CArdiff born Wolfgang Von Vanderghast and producer Billy Phono. Wolfgang Von Vanderghast and Billy Phono have discovered the remedy to the ever-growing consumerism led society and it’s craving for immediate satisfaction and gratification.

Packed full of punchy, hypnotic drum loops and a fantastic display of lyrical ability – ‘5 Minutes‘ ticks all the boxes that Hip Hop fans adore. The project is a fantastic concept, executed with immense skill and precision as the style of delivery and production blend together harmoniously.

The only question now is – ‘Do you have a spare 5 minutes?

Track List:

1. Bronson Esque
2. 40 Is The New 60
3. Sour Patch Kids
4. God Damn Stank
5. Friendly Fire


Wolfgang Von Vanderghast

Billy Phono

Bard Picasso

Wolfgang Von Vanderghast and Billy Phono - 5 Minutes

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