Wordsmith - They Don't Seem To Care EP [Def Ethics]

Wordsmith (the one from the UK) has an album ('In Pursuit of Harmony') out soon on the Def Ethics label. Meanwhile he has given us an excellent EP in the ‘They Don’t Seem To Care’ 12”.

The lead track ‘They Don’t Seem To Care’, produced by Beat Butcha, probes serious issues and laments a desensitized world where childhood is a thing of the past. Wordsmith takes a responsible line on children who grow up too quickly as a result of the examples they are set. Deep and important stuff.

A little more on the light hearted side, but continuing on a conscientious tip Wordsmith discusses the pros and cons of smoking weed over a funky Chemo production. ‘Slip And Slide’ produced by Caruana manages to ease the listener out of a serious state of mind as Wordsmith and Big Ben spit rhymes about having a positive frame of mind despite life’s ills. In short it’s a ‘Friday night, forget work and have a good time’ track.

Never Would Have Thought’, a typical Apa-tight production (he’s really carving himself a sound) featuring Supar Novar and Big Ben brings things back to reality. The three MC’s discuss gun crime and focus on the responsibility of the government and the manufacturers and suppliers of the offending weapons.

Overall, and something I haven’t mentioned yet, Wordsmith is a very accomplished lyricist. He resorts to no nursery type rhymes, each lyric is carefully crafted, on point and hater-proof and coupled with the top notch production no-one could possibly say a bad word. This is a thoughtfully put together piece of work, one which you should buy with your pounds!

It’s out now and can be gotten at all the usual outlets.

By: Aidan Severs | http://certifiedbanger.blogspot.com

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