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Yam Boy and Goonda-Raj have set the table for a big 2006 with their brand new EP of tasty treats, "The Hunger". The cast has grown to enable a fuller, more textured sound than previous releases.

With this set of songs, they explore true friendship, immigrant experiences and of-course serve up a large helping of curry. This time, Yam Boy and Goonda-Raj have added live strings and soulful vocal harmonies to the lo-fi soundscapes they developed in their previous release, the acclaimed LP "Maad Ethics", which was described by Metro as full of "striking soundscapes and prescient musings."

Yam Boy and Goonda-Raj - Maad Ethics LP
1. The Music In Me (feat. Dr Jyotsna Srikanth, U’Mau and Last Mango In Paris)
2. Just Like Dad (feat. Dr Jyotsna Srikanth and U’Mau)
3. For Friends
4. Nuclear Sonnets (feat. Dr Jyotsna Srikanth and U’Mau)
5. Sonic Curry Raps (feat. HKB Finn, Vee Kay and DJ Disscuss)
Yam Boy spent Summer 2005 performing at festivals such as Glastonbury, the London Mela and the Big Chill. Meanwhile, Goonda-Raj was holed up in the studio developing tracks that have formed the basis of "the Hunger" EP. Fuelled by the momentum of a successful 2005, they have taken the music in a new direction using the South Indian violin impressario and maestro, Dr Jyotsna Srikanth. Dr Srikanth appears on 3 tracks, adding a melancholic yet uplifting touch to "the Hunger". Her meandering melodies are complimented by the sultry dulcet tones of singer, U’Mau. U’Mau and Dr Srikanth bring a hint of the blues to "the Hunger" through call and response.
Making an appearance on "Sonic Curry Raps" (track 5) are legendary UK rapper, HKB Finn, Vee Kay from the Beefeaterz and DJ Disscuss. Another collaboration can be found on "The Music In Me" (track 1) with – Yam Boy’s other half in The D’Archetypes – Last Mango In Paris ("their witty observations of British Asians and Asianised Britons are important dissections of our mutating society" – Evening Standard.)

This EP from Yam Boy and Goonda-Raj, marries their love of classical Indian music, contemporary hip-hop and electronica rhythms more than any of their previous work. The emotional intensity of Dr Srikanth’s strings spar with Yam Boy’s vivid imagery and ebb and flow with Goonda’s syncopated percussion. Beats that pulsate with electricity are blended with rhymes that ache with wisdom, topped off with accompaniments that tingle with spices and tickle your aural tastebuds! So indulge and enjoy "the Hunger" as part of your new year diet for 2006!

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